German SIG #Germany Old Jewish Cemeteries in Germany:Towns of Bad Schwalbach(Langenschwalbach), Wehen, Laufenselden, Zimmersrode #germany

Melody Schloss

Dear Friends,

I am interested in the early burials for the Jewish communities in several
German towns:

Laufenselden & Bad Schwalbach (formerly Langenschwalbach) mid 1800s-1900

Wehen & Zimmersrode 1800s

1. Do any of these cemeteries still exist?
2. Have transcriptions of burials been done? Where do I find them?
3. If no transcriptions, are there societies or individuals who are
in charge of these cemeteries and could offer assistance?
Thank you for your help

Melody B Schloss, Santa Barbara CA USA melschlos@...

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