German SIG #Germany Re: New Synagogue Berlin , Oranienburgerstr. celebrates 150th anniversary #germany


Am 17.06.2016 01:45, schrieb Yvonne Yvonne Stern Stern

The New Synagogue has not held an anniversary celebration of this
size and importance since it was destroyed in the Reichsprogromnacht,
November 1938.
Though it was damaged the New Synagogue was *not* destroyed in the
Kristallnacht, but by bombs during WW II (see ).

Some police officers stopped the SA and others who had set the building
on fire and called the fire brigade:

There is a often printed photograph that allegedly shows the synagogue
on fire in 1938, but it was taken in 1948 and then retouched:

Markus Röhling, Berlin

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