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Leo Hoenig

from Leo Hoenig - <>
I'm looking for information about Dr. Efraim Simon HOENIG MD,
his wife and their two daughters who lived in Eger, Bohemia
(now Cheb, Czech Republic).

Dr. HONIG [O umlaut] was born in Kirchenbirk, Bohemia
on (June 18, 1865/Kirchenbirk (the 14th of 15 children of Josef
HOENIG and Theresa TAUSSIG). He was a physician in Eger, and ived at
15 Bahnhofstrasse. He died there >from a heart attack at 2 pm on June
30, 1915. On January 17, 1893 in Marienbad he married Louise Charlotte
BECK (born about 1868 to Viel BECK of Marienbad and Francisca Fischer
from Neustadt).
Louise Charlotte died after her husband, but I do not know where or
when. They had two daughters born in Eger, Gertrud HOENIG, born on
December 11, 1894, and Lilly Josefine HOENIG, born on November 23,
1903. Lilly left the Jewish religion on November 12, 1930 and she
become non-denominational, according to reports >from the district
administration in Eger on May 18, 1931. Nothing further has been
found about the fate or life of these HOENIGs.

Thank you very much for any additional information.

Leo (Leopold) Hoenig (New York),

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