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Liz Hanellin

Dear GerSIGers,

I have posted before about my great-aunt Jenny (Jeannette) LEVI, geb.
FRANKENTHALER (b. Feb 25, 1898 in Untereisenheim) and her daughter,
Judis Hadasse LEVI, (b. June 2, 1941 in Frankfurt -- Jenny and her
husband were internally deported to Frankfurt in 1939).

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any records relating to either
Jenny or Judis Hadasse after Judis Hadasse was born. (Incidentally, Jenny's
husband was Ludwig LEVI, b. April 10, 1909, in Mannheim,
but he is not the focus of this email.).

I have received three documents related to Judis' Hadasse's birth >from the
International Tracing Service. One of them lists the mother and the date of
birth (June 2, 1941), but not the name of the child (or the father). This
document lists 17 German Jewish women who gave birth between January 1941
and July 1941, all using the same "hebamme" (midwife), "Frau Th. Wiegand,"
who signed the document on August 28, 1948. The address listed with Frau
Wiegand's name is Saalsburgstrasse 5.

There is another document that lists Judis Hadasse's name, birthdate and
Parents’ names; the document is dated, January 22, 1948.

And, finally, I have a copy of the "Gerburtsurkunde" for Judis Hadasse LEVI
listing her birthdate and parents’ names, and which is dated Nov. 25, 1947.

I would like to ask a few questions about the birth records:

Is there a way to find out anything about the "midwife," Frau Th. Wiegand?
I would also like to know what kind of place would Saalsburgstrasse 5 have
Been - where were these women giving birth?

What is the significance of the documents being dated 1947 and 1948 rather
than 1941? Were such official documents not being certified at the time of
the birth because of the war?

Also is it correct to assume that the issuance of Judis Hadasse's birth
certificate in 1947 had nothing to do with whether she was still alive
at that time?

A lot of questions, I know! As always, thank you for your suggestions,
thoughts and insights. Best,

Liz Hanellin, New York City liz_hanellin@...

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