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Thomas Beller <thomasbeller2@...>

Hello GerSig,

Hello. I am new to the group. And I am new to geneology. I am not even
sure if geneology is the right word for what I am doing, but I will go
with it. I am not at all new to personal reflection and sleuthing in
my own house---fuguratively and literall. But historical research
into my own family--new.

I am a native of New York City, now live in New Orleans, and English
is my only language.

I have some grasp of modern technology.

I am focused, at the moment, on the circumstances by which my father
and his family left Vienna in the immediate aftermath of Kristalnacht
and made their way to Italy, where they got US Visas.

All five of them made it to New York and lived the rest of their lives
in The USA (Except for my Uncle who moved to Berlin but that is
another matter.) Their names are Salomon Beller and Chaise Beller
(father and mother) and Berta Beller, Emmanual Beller, and Alexander
Beller. The last in my father.

My primary research goals now are to find out as much as possible
about what happened between the time they left Vienna and when they
arrived at NYC. Special emphasis on St. Gallen, Switzerland, and
Naples, Italy.

Sincerely, Thomas Beller New Orleans, Louisiana

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