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Diana da Costa

I should like to draw to your attention that the records of the Ramsgate
Jewish Cemetery have now been published in book form. Ramsgate is in Kent,
southeast of London, UK.

The significance of Ramsgate is that it was an old-Jewish community
boosted by the fact that Sir Moses Montefiore had his country residence
there, East Cliff Lodge, and went on to build his own Synagogue and
besides the Synagogue, a Mausoleum where he and his wife, Judith, are
buried and after his wife’s death, in her memory he established the
Lady Judith Montefiore College for training Sephardic Ministers and also
to provide a Minyan for the Synagogue.

The Synagogue and Mausoleum are still there. If you google Montefiore
Ramsgate etc, plenty of links will appear.

The book's authors are Benedict Kelly and Gerald Tripp, two local Ramsgate
historians, who have compiled an amazing account which will be of
great interest to anyone whose ancestors are buried there or who is
a descendant of one of the officiating Ministers or who is just
interested in the history of Ramsgate. Some of those buried originated
from other European countries.
The title of the book is "Ramsgate Jewish Cemetery 1872 - 2016".

The book includes a brief history of the Cemetery, where the first
burial took place in 1872, a verbatim transcription of the Cemetery
register, a list of memorial inscriptions taken >from legible
gravestones and some obituaries and death notices of those interred
from contemporaneous newspapers.
The book consists of 76 pages. is in A4 format and costs 10 GBP. It
can be purchased >from
Further queries should be sent to enquiries@....

The book has been self-published by the authors and I have no financial
interest in its production.

Diana Helen Gomes da Costa Mohr in the UK JewishGen ID 166938

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