German SIG #Germany Researching victims who lived at Mommsenstrasse 47, Charlottenburg, Berlin #germany

Judith Elam

Over the next two years a total of 15 Stolpersteine will be laid in front of
Mommsenstrasse 47, Charlottenburg, Berlin, including 3 for my father and
grandparents, who survived. My father, Max Heinz NATHAN, got out in 1939 to
England, and my grandparents, Werner NATHAN and Margarete NATHAN geb HAHN,
survived Theresienstadt. I am working on this project with the building
owners' son. In 2017 my 3 stones will be laid, together with 3 for the
ALEXANDER family. I have found several grandchildren of the ALEXANDERs,
some of whom will come to Berlin for the ceremony. I am now trying to find
living descendants, or close living relatives, of the other victims. It
appears that some did not have children, or at least I haven't found any so
far. If you are a descendant of, or are related to, these victims, please
contact me at my email address below. I do not need additional information
or records on the victims themselves, or their fate. I am just trying to
find close living relatives.

Emil GUTTMANN, a widower, born 5.9.1870 in Merchingen - apparently no

Adolf ISAACSOHN, born 12.3.1879 in Prillwitz - apparently no children..
Bertha ISAACSOHN, born KARPF, born 1.9.1897 in Erlangen - apparently no

Julius JASTROWITZ, born 13.3.1876 in Berlin - POT on Yad Vashem submitted by
his step-daughter, Ilse Ruth Munk of Jerusalem in 1956. Ilse was born 1912.
Betty JASTROWITZ, born MOSES, born 8.9.1883 in Gartz an der Oder - POT on
Yad Vashem submitted by her daughter, Ilse Ruth Munk of Jerusalem in 1956.
Ilse was born 1912. I haven't found any children for Ilse.

Helga OPPENHEIM, born LEWINNEK, born 20.6.1922 in Berlin

Alice MARCUS, born GUTMANN, born 27.11.1894 in Berlin. Alice was previously
married to Max HADRA, who died 17 November 1928. They had a daughter, Ellen
HADRA, born 18.6.1921 in Berlin. I found her birth notice on Berliner
Tageblatt. Is she still alive? Did she have children? I cannot find
anything further on her.

Irma WOLFF, born ALTMANN, born 27.4.1891 in Dramburg

Ella SILBERSTEIN, born 26.10.1875 in Posen, unmarried, a teacher

Judith E. Elam, Kihei, HI

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