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Liz Hanellin

Dear fellow GerSIGers,
I am told that there were three transports >from Frankfurt in 1942
for which there are incomplete records (only A-Katzenstein).

These happened on: May 8, 1942; May 24, 1942; and June 11, 1942.

The transports were to the region of Lublin; men ages 15-50 were sent
to Majdanek; others were sent to Izbica.

I would like to know -- If someone was in one of these transports
to Izbica, but whose name would have been in the part of the records
that have not survived, would there be other records >from Izbica
that could confirm her arrival or death there?

I have posted several times about my great aunt, Jenny LEVI
geb. FRANKENTHALER. My last record of her is >from June 1941,
in Frankfurt, when her daughter, Judis Hadasse, was born. We know
that her husband, Ludwig, was killed in Majdanek in September 1942.
If she was in one of the above transports, would there be any way
of tracking her to or in Izbica?

As yet, I have found no records, nor has the International Tracing Service.

As always your guidance would be very welcome,

Liz Hanellin, NYC liz_hanellin@...

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