German SIG #Germany Re: Free download of Rabbi Weinberg's book #germany

Peter Strauss <pfs126@...>

Thank you very much, Rabbi Weinberg.
I look forward to reading your book, which I have just successfully
downloaded to my Kindle.
I greatly appreciate your generosity in offering it to us at no charge.

Kind regards, Peter Strauss, Oakland CA

On 07/29/2016, Rabbi Weinberg wrote:
I am making my book, "Courage of the Spirit, available for free eBook
download through Amazon Kindle >from August 1-August 5.
"Courage of the Spirit" [ moderator note: ]
is the story of my father, Rabbi William Weinberg, who served as the first
State Rabbi of the German State of Hesse after the Shoah.
To download your copy, please go to
Click on the "Buy Now" button ( not the "Read for Free" which is for
Kindle subscribers only).
The "buy now" will cost $0.00 if you chose to do so during the
Free Giveaway Time. [ August 1-5 ]
You don't need a Kindle to read it. The Amazon website has a
link for information for reading Kindle on any device.
"Courage of the Spirit" tells of my father's saga in the
decades up to and through the years of the Shoah.
[For more details click "look inside" on the Amazon page above
the image of the book cover. Or, request a detailed description by Email to:
norofra@... ]

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