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Ralph Baer

Has anyone found in their research any Jews who ever lived in
Mitteleschenbach which is in the Landkreis of Ansbach in Bavaria?

A 1769 list of some Jewish heads-of-family for Forth (now Eckental-Forth,
Landkreis Erlangen-Hoechstadt, Bavaria) states that my ancestor Wolf Hirsch
(Wolf, son of Hirsch) came there >from Mitteleschenbach. The list is
contained in the book "Geschichte der Juden in der Oberpfalz, Band III, Der
Bezirk Rothenberg (Schnaittach, Ottensoos, Huettenbach, Forth)" by Rabbi Dr.
Magnus Weinberg. It is repeated in the recent book "Shalom Forth" by Dr.
Martina Switalski with whom I have been in contact.

Mitteleschenbach may have been a misreading for Mittelehrenbach (Landkreis
Forchheim, Bavaria) which did once have a Jewish community and is also much
closer to Forth -- 15 km vs. 70 km.

Wolf Hirsch had three known sons: Hirsch Wolf ROSENHAIN, Samson Wolf GROESCH
(my 4th-great-grandfather), and Moses Baer Wolf REINWALD. I am also
interested in corresponding with anyone who is related to or has data about
any of their families.

Note that Forth is not the same place as Fuerth.

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