German SIG #Germany Seek names of students & teachers at the Juedische Maedchenschule Berlin (The Jewish School for Girls) #germany

Peter Wiesner <peterwiesner@...>

I am seeking lists of names of the students and teachers associated
with the Juedische Maedchenschule Berlin (The Jewish School for Girls
Berlin). Many were deported and killed. Some were able to emigrate.

My mother, Mary KROTOCZYNSKI, attended the Juedische Maedchenschule
Berlin >from 1933 to her graduation in 1937. She left Berlin on the
Kindertransport in 1939.

Part of an extensive network of schools run by the Berlin Jewish
Council, this school drew >from the Jewish teachers expelled >from the
lyceums who taught traditional subjects that would have been covered in
the public schools, plus Hebrew and Jewish culture.
After years of neglect, the building of Maedchenschule was repurposed.
Today it houses a restaurant, art gallery, and the Kennedy Museum. More
about the school: I have
not been able to obtain the information I seek >from the current
management of the building.

I would appreciate information and advice regarding my search.

Peter Wiesner, Newtown, Pennsylvania peterwiesner@...

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