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Roger Lustig


I'd forget about BLUEMKE. Richard Bluemke was an agent for yarn, dyes,
etc. in Berlin in the first decade of the 20thC or so. In 1907 Hugo
EISENSTADT appears in the Berlin address book as a factory director; but
in 1914 he's an agent for companies abroad. Later books have him selling
raw materials for the textile industry, incl. yarn. Bluemke is no longer
listed (at least, not with his business). "Vorm." means
"vormalig"--"previously"--but that generally refers to the business, not
to the person, i.e., this is not an indication that he was adopted. I'd
say Hugo bought Richard's book of business, and set up his stationery to
show the continuity of his agency.

As to birth certificates: unless the annexes (supporting documents) to
Hugo's marriage exist, which is occasionally the case, you're unlikely
to find it, since he was born in Hammerstein in West Prussia, where the
surviving registers begin at 1900.

Sorry not to have anything positive!

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research coordinator, GerSIG

On 8/21/2016 6:29 AM, Russell Eisen wrote:
Hello GerSig,

My primary research goal is to help fill in the blanks for my father
in terms of the family history, lost when they left Berlin in 1938.
A short background on the EISENSTADT family history, leading to one
question and one crucial impasse I've now reached.
My great-great-great grandfather Israel Tuvia EISESTADT, buried in Warsaw,
wrote a book, Da'at Kedoshim, published 1897 in Russia tracing various
families, including the EISENSTADTS. Using this and other documents
I've managed to re-construct most the family tree, although I've not
yet uploaded to JGFF.
My JGFF Researcher ID number is 353851.
My great-great grandfather Abraham EISENSTADT was Cantor to the Jewish
community in Berlin >from around 1890 to 1910. He published a collection
of liturgies called Alt-israelitische Gesange I and II, published in
Berlin, 1897. I've tried to find out more details about his life as a
Cantor, but have not managed to turn anything up. The Berlin archivists
have not managed to provide any details so am at a loss as to what else
to try.
from a religious perspective, everyone up to and including Abraham was not
a Kohen - this is evidenced either by gravestones or written narrative.
However my great-grandfather Hugo EISENSTADT, who died in the UK in 1939
(although I've not been able to trace a grave, and neither for his wife
Anita Chaiya who died in 1955), was a Kohen.
The working assumption, >from various circumstantial evidence, is that
Hugo was adopted. I recently posted on viewmate a letter written in
1914 >from Hugo to the Chief Rabbi of Denmark, on a totally unrelated
matter. However of interest the letter was on letterhead which stated
Hugo EISENSTADT (Vorm. Richard BLUMKE). Very odd, put possibly more
evidence that Hugo was adopted.
So I've hit a brick wall in how to try and trace further details about Hugo.
I'm not aware of any adoption records, and have not been able to find a
birth certificate >from Hugo, which based on his marriage certificate he
was born on 9 November 1882 and married on 28 February 1907.
So it may well be that my family history is not even that of the
EISENSTADTs but rather BLUMKE! But I'm not sure how to look futher.

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