German SIG #Germany Seeking info on BAUER, WALTER and HEYMANN families #germany

Daniel Schwab <schwab.daniel@...>


I am looking for friends and relatives who are alive of the following
people mostly >from the Frankfurt area:

Selma H BAUER. (husband Stanley Bauer) Ralph Schwab wrote to her in
connection with Erna (nee Schwab) Heymann's estate 5147 N. 16th Street
Philadelphia, 41, Pa. 1958 husband Stanley, Grandchildren Fred who was
20 yrs in 1958 and Donald 11 yrs. Aunt Bertha Heymann, father Max
Heymann; 1404 Jupiter Avenue Elkins Park 17, Penna

Daisy married to Hermann (Hugo) (died 1954) HEYMANN Living in Majestic
Hotel Miami Beach, Florida in 1958 (reference to Death certificate of
Amanda HEYMANN (died October 1st 1955 (Selama's mother) and Hugo
Heymann) In 1962 lived in Hotel Roosevelt, 1255 Penn Avenue Miami
Beach, Miami Florida

August WALTER (corresponded late 40's early 50's) Koln =E2=80=93 Bruck
Am Klausenberg 61

schwab.daniel@... Daniel Schwab [residence information not provided]

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