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Tobias A. Kemper <kemper@...>


yesterday, I got some civil records >from Altenbamberg, >from which I
learned two more generations of the STERN family >from Altenbamberg.

Heimann Stern (1826-1899), Synagogenvorstand, was son of Friedrich STERN
and Barbara HAAS (not: Johanette HAAS - >from name in Heimann's birth
record), married in 1809.

Friedrich STERN was son of Samuel Hayum >from Muenster am Stein (died in
1793) and Jette Heimann.

Barbara HAAS was daughter of Isaak Moses und Feigele Nachmen >from

Is any additional information available about these families or their
ancestors? Thank you for any information. Regards

Tobias Kemper, kemper@..., Germany

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