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Peter Dreifuss

If you have ancestors >from the Upper Rhine Plain you might benefit by joining
a new group that's being formed to advance our knowledge of those ancestors.

The Upper Rhine Plain is the name I currently am using for an area
in present day Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany, which lies between the
Rhine River to the east and the Black Forest to the West and includes
the following villages: Altdorf, Schmieheim, Rust, Ettenheim,
Friesenheim, Kippenheim, Lahr, Nonnenweiler, Orschweier, Rust and Kenzingen.

I have established a DNA research group at Family Tree DNA (I have no
other connection with them) examining the DNA of people with ancestors
who lived in that area (see
. The group seeks to:

(1) examine possible family connections between members,
(2) look for genetic connections among members comparing genetic and
conventional genealogy and
(3) employ our genetic genealogy to study the pre-eighteenth century
geographical origins of the former Jewish communities of the Upper Rhine
River Plain of Baden. This is one of the most important goals perhaps to
advance genealogy of our common communities.

If you are interested and you have autosomal, Y or mitochondrial data
collected with FT DNA just go to
and join. You can also transfer some DNA test results >from other
companies at no charge to FTDNA. If you have not had any testing, this
is a perfect time as there are significant season discounts now. See

FT DNA's Family Finder (autosomal) test is a good and
inexpensive way to start for both men and women. You can accomplish
goals 1 and 2with a good chance of success since you look at families
from a common geographic origin. The mitochondrial test can also help
here especially when matrilineal connections exist between members.

The most important way to contribute to goal 3 is one of the Y tests (a
test for men only). Judging >from the experience of other groups, we
might see a need for some additional Y tests that can sometimes be
funded through support funding. Women can have a brother, father, or
paternal uncle or male cousin contribute a testing sample.

Please consider joining if you have ancestors >from the Upper Rhine area
and you are interested in comparing data online at FT DNA with us. FT
DNA follows strict guidelines to ensure your privacy (see I have no connection
with FT DNA. If you have any questions please don=E2=80=99t hesitate to
contact me.

Pete Dreifuss, Burtonsville, MD USA

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