German SIG #Germany Re: INTRO-Researching ZIRBES Family in Sengendorf, Neuwied, Rhineland-Pfalz 17th Century #germany

Gerhard Buck <buckidstein@...>

The correct place name is Segendorf, now part of Neuwied. ZIRBES is a
still wide spread family name in the Rhineland. Therefore this ancestor
was not Jewish. A useful website for such information is the telephone
directory <>. Search for a
family name and a map appears, which shows you where in Germany a person
with this name lives.

When you look for genealogical information on the internet about a
family or a place, search for "name + Genealogie". In this case,
"Segendorf Genealogie" and "Zirbes Genealogie" will present you the
books and sources (Familienbuecher) that have been published for this village.

Gerhard Buck, Idstein,

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