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Ellen Barnett Cleary

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me with my query. Thanks to
you I have found out about my family in the Netherlands. I am so amazed
at how much I have learned.

I wanted to share the resources you shared with me that helped answer
this question. There are many resources that sadly list the names of
Holocaust victims. I am not going to mention those sites unless they
gave me additional information about Emma's life.

Two important things I learned, that might be helpful to other researchers.
1. search under both Emma's maiden name and under her married surname.
2. her daughter's husband's name was SONDHELM, rather than
it pays to be alert to variations.

These were the sites that helped us complete the picture:
*under Archiefkaarten 1939-1994
*under Gezinskaarten 1833-1939

Told me the addresses Emma was living in Amsterdam and when and where
her husband died.

Told me this about Emma's daughter's family:
*the address she lived in Amsterdam
*birth dates and places of her husband and her daughter
*when she left Amsterdam for the US with her husband (although this info
proved incorrect when I found the passenger list -- she left earlier on
a different ship)
*that her daughter emigrated to Zurich and the date she emigrated

Told me
*where Emma married
*when and where her husband died
*the name of the company her husband worked for
*where and with whom Emma lived after her husband died

Many many thanks to all of you!

My original post:

I am researching Hilda (WERTHEIMER) SONDHEIM, who moved with her
husband, William, to the Netherlands when the issues of WWII began. I do
not know where in the Netherlands they lived, but I think it was close
to Goch, Germany because her mother moved to Goch so she could visit her
daughter in the Netherlands, perhaps Rotterdam, but I am not at all
certain of that. Her mother sadly was captured by the Germans and died
in Auschwitz.

HIlda and William had a daughter named Elsie SONDHEIM. I do not know if
she too was in the Netherlands but I would like to find out.

Do any of you have experience researching the records of the
Netherlands? I would very much like to know where to write for
information on these people and welcome any advice you might offer.

I know these are slim bits of information to work from, but they are all
I have. I would like to at least see what I might be able to learn.

Ellen Barnett Cleary, San Francisco

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