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If asked to describe the Yizkor Book Project in one word, I would describe
it as the "one-that-never-stands-still-for-a moment" project. Not one word,
you say? You're right, but there isn't really one word to describe our
project as it is multi-faceted and is kept running by a multitude of
dedicated people, >from all corners of the globe, around the clock. I would
now like to relate what these same people have helped us accomplish during
the last month.

For a start, in February two books were added online. The first, which is
completely online is called "Holocaust in Rovno: The Massacre at Sosenki
Forest, November 1941" and was donated by Jeffrey Burds. Clearly this is an
important addition to those of you wishing to learn more about the events
that took place in Rovno (Rivne) during the Holocaust and thank Jeffrey for
this generous and significant donation.

The second book, >from which we have been kindly donated several sections,
comes >from Rasia Moroz of the Jewish Family and Children's Services of
Southern Arizona. The book is called "To Tell Our Stories: Holocaust
Survivors of Southern Arizona" and is particularly interesting as it
includes stories by Holocaust survivors >from the former-Soviet Union, and
their arduous journey east >from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, and the
subsequent harshness of life in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Siberia.

In recent times, I have been approached by people interested in seeing the
"A Memorial to the Jewish community of Dubno, Wolyn" book translated into
English. I suggested, as I usually do, that the best way to see this happen
was by setting up a specific Dubno Translation Fund to support the
professional translation of the book. With their agreement this has, in
fact, now been carried out and we now turn to those of you who are Dubno
researchers, to assist us in the lofty goal of making the unique treasures
this book contains available to a wide as possible public. If you are able
to assist financially to any extent, to this particular fund or any of the
other 85 odd project funds we have running, please see the JewishGen-erosity
link at the end of this report. Clearly, every donation is meaningful.

The Yizkor Book in Print Project is another facet of the YB Project that is
always on the move. This last month the "A City and the Dead; Zablotow Alive
and Destroyed - Memorial Book of Zabolotov" became available for purchase -
details may be found via the YBIP link at the end of this report.
By-the-way, Joel Alpert, the YBIP Project Manager, recently informed me that
just in 2016, 1259 books published by this project were sold. For me this is
clear indication of the importance of this particular project and the
"thirst for knowledge" that exists for people looking to learn more about
the communities and people destroyed in the Holocaust.

Other than that, in keeping with our being a never-standing still project,
this past month we received an encouraging number of additions to be added
to our existing projects. These additions come >from our Translation Fund
projects, >from a number of tireless volunteer translators and also from
other good people who have had sections of Yizkor book translated and have
thoughtfully and generously, passed the translations on to us to be added in
online. That's how we keep moving.

And now for details of all the updates and additions that were carried out
in the Yizkor Book Project over February.

We have added in two new books:

- Rivne, Ukraine (Holocaust in Rovno: The Massacre at Sosenki Forest,
November 1941)

- To Tell Our Stories: Holocaust Survivors of Southern Arizona

We have also added in two new entries:

- Bardejov, Slovakia (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Slovakia)

- Chortkiv, Ukraine (Memorial Book of Czortkow) [Hebrew]

We have continued to updated 27 of our existing projects:

- Bedzin, Poland (A Memorial to the Jewish Community of Bendin)

- "Brichah"

- Brody, Ukraine (An Eternal Light: Brody in Memoriam)

- Chisinau, Moldova (The Jews of Kishinev)

- Chorzele, Poland (Memorial Book of the Community of Chorzel)

- Czyzew-Osada, Poland (Czyzewo Memorial Book)

- Gostynin, Poland (Book of Gostynin)

- Hungary (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Hungary)

- Kovel, Ukraine (Memorial Book of Kowel)

- Kovel, Ukraine (Kowel; Testimony and Memorial Book of Our Destroyed

- Lithuania (Lite)

- Lviv, Ukraine (Lwow Volume: Part I)

- Miechow, Charsznica & Ksiaz, Poland (Miechov Memorial Book, Charsznica and

- Novohrad-Volyns'kyy, Ukraine (Zvhil-Novogradvolinsk)

- Nyasvizh, Belarus (The Nesvizh Yizkor Book)

- Plonsk, Poland (Memorial book of Plonsk and vicinity)

- Pultusk, Poland (Pultusk memorial book)

- Rafalovka, Ukraine (Memorial book for the towns of Old Rafalowka, New
Rafalowka, Olizarka, Zoludzk and vicinity)

- Rokiskis, Lithuania (Yizkor book of Rakishok and environs)

- Ryki, Poland (A Memorial to the Community of Ryki, Poland) [Polish]

- Sarny, Ukraine (Memorial Book of the Community of Sarny)

- Slovakia (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Slovakia)

- Sokyryany, Ukraine (Sekiryani, Bessarabia - alive and destroyed)

- Stryy, Ukraine (Book of Stryj)

- Suceava, Romania (The Book of the Jews >from Suceava (Shotz) and the
Surrounding Communities)

- Turiysk, Ukraine (Memorial book of Trisk)

- Tykocin, Poland (Memorial book of Tiktin)

Some important links to note:

- This month's additions and updates are flagged at to make it easy to find
- All you would like to know about the Yizkor Books in Print Project
- Yizkor Book Translation Funds
where your financial support will assist in seeing more translations go

Purim Sameach/Happy Purim, Lance Ackerfeld Yizkor Book Project Manager

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