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Emily Rosenberg

I am continuing to search for an ancestor who reports being born in
Stuttgart in 1842 and was in Texas by 1858.

The names I would be looking for are STEMBOK, SHTEMBAK,,
or other variations on STEINBACH which is how the name came down to me.

I am looking for Bella Levin Stembok married to Yankel Stembok with a child
called Kate, Ktrinka, Catherine or variation. She is the middle of nine
children. Also it is possible that the mother, Bella, died of cholera in
the Stuttgart area.

I wonder if any of you have access to a 1964 reference work called
"Weg und Schicksal der Stuttgarter Juden : ein Gedenkbuch"
which could help me in my search. Thanks so much.

Emily Rosenberg, Oakland, California


Moderator note: One of several books about the Stuttgart
Jewish community cited at our website:
Title: Weg und Schicksal der Stuttgarter Juden
Author: Maria Zelzer
Publication Date: 1964
No. of Pages: 588
Publisher: Ernst Klett Verlag

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