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Dear Gersigs,

Bernard SEELIG and Rebecca LEVI has several children:

Antoine (born 1811 Adendorf), Anne (born 1812 Adendorf), Gudula (born
1815), Ludwig (born 1816), Mina (born 1818), Michel (born 1821),
Moises (born 1823), Maria (born 1824), Rosetta (born 1826) and Jospeh
Bernhard was born 1828.

I only know that Rebecca died 1839 with 55 years, Ludwig died 1820
with 3 years. Gudula married 09.03.1855 in Dortmund Moses Steinweg
from Dorstfeld. Maria married 12.10.1847 Isaac Rosenstein.
What's about the others. When did Bernhard died. Is Michel the same
who died 1896 in Unna he married Eva ROSENTHAL (other name Mayer)
Michel married Eva not in Unna but it must be around 1847.

Regards, Mike Redel, Unna, Germany

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