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A new book in English depicting the life and persecution of the Jewish
population in a small town in Westphalia
has been released in Germany.

It is titled "On the trail of the Marsberg Jews". The new
English language edition of the book, authored by Gudrun Banke, succeeds
a German language edition.

The book describes the fate of 46 Jewish families >from the town of
Marsberg as well as the surrounding villages:
Beringhausen, Borntosten, Bredelar, Canstein,
Essentho, Giershagen, Westheim and Udorf.

Names of the Jewish families included in the book are shown in
the Table of Contents that appears via this link:

It is particularly of significance for descendants of Jewish families
that immigrated to the US >from this region of Germany.
The book also provides deep insights into the life of Jews in Germany
before and during the Nazi rule for family researchers
as well as institutions and persons who research Holocaust related topics.

"On the trail of the Marberg Jews" by Gudrun Banke
ISBN 978-3-9816214-3-3
Schulte&Schwarz, Druck + Medien, Werner-Heisenberg-Strasse 7
34123 Kassel eMail:
Price: 35 US Dollar + Shipping & Handling

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