German SIG #Germany Re: Occupation "Hauptcollecteur" of ancestor born in 1773 ? #germany

Irene Peters <iupfamilyresearch@...>

After looking it up on Google as 'Hauptkollekteur', it seems to have
been the senior-most position in a state-run or owned lottery.

A synonym would be 'Lotterieeinnehmer'. Apparently this profession dates
back to 1732. The Hauptkollekteur was responsible for selling
tickets/lots, notifying winners, etc. The money generated >from those
lotteries went into construction projects and other government
endeavors. See here (in German):

For the term:

For the profession:

For the lottery as such:

Hope this helps. Best regards,
Irene Peters, Berlin, Germany iupfamilyresearch@...

On Fri, May 12, 2017 at 9:42 PM, John D Anderson
counselor12721@... <gersig@...> wrote:
I came across a job title in a database, and can't figure it out. It's
partly German and partly French:
Does anyone know what this would be in the context of someone born in 1773?

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