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Sharan E. Newman

I haven't posted in a long time but just had a breakthrough.  I'm looking
for descendants of  Judah Arnoldi and johanna Drucker.  Judah was married
first to another Hannah and they had at least one son, Lewin.

My line is through the second marriage.  At least two of the children,
Henrietta (Fischer) and Eva (Lissman) b. 1856, come to America.  The other
two, Samuel b. 1849, and Cecelia, stayed in Stettin (I thought) but Samuel's
son, Erich, also came in the early 1900s

I have Erichs address in Stetting, but now find that part of the family
might have come >from Stolp or Preußisch Friedland (Debrzno), Pomerania,
Germany (Poland)

If anyone knows of this family or how I can access and Jewish records from
these places, I would be very grateful. I read Gothic German, if I must and
the handwriting isn?t too awful.  I can't read Yiddish.

Thank you, Sharan Newman

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