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Stephen Falk <sfalkjd@...>

I am hoping to find the expert on the genealogy of the rabbinic
SKLOWER family of Breslau. The family came to Breslau in the late
1700s >from Sklow (not surprisingly). R. Marcus (Mordechai) SKLOWER
(ca.1715-1780) was a rabbi in Breslau. He was the father of Hirsch,
Samson and probably Jacob SKLOWER.

The Sklower Schul on the Goldene Rade Gasse in Breslau was a strict
orthodox congregation that parts of my FALK family were associated
with for generations. It was founded by R. Marcus SKLOWER and named
after him.

I am particularly interested in learning more about the descendants of
R. Marcus SKLOWER;s children. I have traced many lines for one or two
or a few generations, but generally I have lost the trails. I am
hoping someone has already explored this family, either because they
are part of it, or just because it is an interesting family.

All the best, Stephen Falk, Point Roberts, WA

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