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[Another reply to Lin Herz]

Research in Hessen-Darmstadt has become very easy, because more and more
digitized Jewish vital registers appear on the internet, published by
the Staatsarchiv Darmstadt. The originals are in quite a number of
diverse archives. The images are on the site of all Hessian archives: <>The direct link to
the index of places:

The concrete answer for this case (on p. 12): on 21.01.1815 Benjamin was
born to Koppel Salomon and his wife Raache nee Simon, born in
Georgenhausen. The mother's given name was Rainche, when her daughter
Esther was born in 1813. Due to the dialect's influence this old Jewish
female name appears with many variations. Later it was changed to a
modern name starting with R, in this case Regine.

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