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RE: Eva Lawrence's post of July 14, "Geschichte der Juden in Otterberg"
by Hans Steinebrei as been translated into English and is available
for sale on the Straus Historical Society's website: on the publications page.

Joan Adler, Suburban NYC jadfam21@...

eva.lawrence@... wrote:
In the bibliography of a book I've just acquired, 'Geschichte der Juden
in Otterberg' by Hans Steinebrei, there is mention of 'Chronik von
Niederkirchen' by Karl Backer, published in Otterbach in 1995. Does
anyone know whether this is a book or some articles in a journal, and
how I can get a copy?
The Otterberg book is worth adding to the GerSig literature list if it
isn't on there already, though it only covers a limited number of
families (in particular STRAUS).

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