German SIG #Germany Invitation to send personal Reports from Orlando 2017 #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

Hello GerSIG at Orlando 2017,

I'm sorry I'm not there with you and wish all a productive and
enjoyable Conference.

As usual, we're grateful to Jeanette Rosenberg for managing the
complicated preparations for our Conference program which began in 2016.

Jeanette will continue to coordinate all things GerSIG in Orlando and
to send her impressions of the 2018 Conference to the GerSIG Email Forum.

I encourage any GerSIG member in Orlando to share his / her own
thoughts about this year's Conference with our 2,000+
members worldwide.

Our members who are ** not ** in Orlando may want to post questions
about the event.

** All comments will be welcomed. **

As GerSIG co-founder and Moderator, I will read all your comments
gratefully and with interest.

GerSIG and JewishGen list rules won't allow me to forward every comment
to the GerSIG list but I'll post my own summary of your email messages.

Thanks for your reports on this year's Conference and your suggestions
for GerSIG's program for 2018.

Send your reports in a "plain text" Email to:

or by private Email to

Keep cool and have a wonderful Conference!

GerSIG Moderator

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