German SIG #Germany Fwd: regional Jewish records for Juelich (Julich & Umlaut) region 1780-1850? #germany

Reuven Mohr

dear list members,

Siblings of my gggrandmother seem to have moved >from Wittgenstein
(Berleburg) to the region of Juelich, West of the lower Rhine, around
1780-1800. No specific location is mentioned. I'm trying if I can find
any tracks of this branch.

For Westfalia the internet has the 'Amtsblatt der koenigl. preuss.
Regierung', which in special additions in 1846/47 published the name
adoption of Jews by location. This is not of much value to see earlier
names, but it shows the Jewish population at that time in the listed

Such a governmental publication would be interesting to see for
Juelich and neighboring communities, which at that time might have
been part of Regierungsbezirk Aachen. I cannot see the relevant years
for Aachen. Or maybe Juelich belonged to Koeln? Is anyone familiar
with name adoption under Prussian administration in this region, and
where it was published?

Since Juelich was part of France in the Napoleonic era (~1796-1815),
there should also be name adoption declarations according to French
law (1808/09). Are those accessible on internet somewhere? (In this
case my problem is that I don't have the distinct location, only place
of birth). Thanks for your assistance,

Reuven Mohr, Jerusalem, Israel reuven.mohr@...

researching: Berleburg before 1800 (no last name); GOLDSCHMIDT,
Frankenthal, Worms, Mannheim etc.; WEIL, Ellerstadt, Frankenthal,
Worms, Pforzheim, Mannheim; SIESS, SUESS, Kriegsheim;

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