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Dear friends,

First, I wish to thank those who have been so kind as to transliterate
various records, who have helped me learn to decipher much old German
handwriting. But there are still difficulties in reading parts of
some records.

This is the last group (for now) of records I have found recently,
thanks to JRI-Poland and their indexes for Posen/Prussian records for
areas now in Poland.

Four records have been posted to ViewMate:

All are BMD records >from Ostrowo/Ostrow W. and Breslau/Wroclaw. I
need transliteration assistance for parts of all 4 records, as
described in the ViewMate forms.

Thank you ! Jeff Lewy San Francisco, CA USA
< ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >
Please thank those who help you and support ViewMate, JewishGen
and GerSIG

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