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Hi GerSIGers,
It was great meeting many of you at IAJGS 2017.

I need help finding birth documents for my great-great grandfather Jakob
BUEHLER (1824-1865) (umlaut over the /u/ instead of an e), or even any
of his siblings. Jakob BUEHLER was born in Kleinerdlingen in 1824.

We are trying to determine several things, including whether his
father's name was Joseph Abraham BUEHLER or Joseph Abraham
SCHWEIZER or maybe was just Joseph Abraham (Joseph ben Abraham) as well
as who his mother was and if his mother was Gela SANDEL LAUCHHEIMER.

Kleinerdlingen is in Schwabia, Donau-Kies, Bavaria.

Would these documents still exist and where would I get them? Just in
case anyone out there might be related, his siblings were Fanny BUEHLER
GUTMANN (1807-1882), Schimon Wolf BUEHLER (1810-1845), Elias BUEHLER
(1812-1868), Bebi (1816- ?)BUEHLER, Babeth

Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,

Lin Herz Palm Bay, Florida

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