German SIG #Germany Help in finding current relatives living in Germany #germany

Phil Goldfarb <pgoldfarb@...>

I am the President of the JGS of Tulsa, Oklahoma helping someone find LIVING
relatives in Germany.

The family name was SCHMALGEMEIER. There were 3 brothers and 4 sisters. The
last information I have on most was >from 1965. Most likely I am looking for
living grandchildren. They were:
1. Henry W. SCHMALGEMEIER b. Rahden, Germany 6 Jul 1885 and died 3 Oct 1963
in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. No children
2. Hermann SCHMALGEMEIER possibly born 18 Aug 1882. Last known address was
in Tonnenheide, Germany
3. August SCHMALGEMEIER - last known address in Rahden, Germany
4. Minna Schmalgemeier DRYER last known address in Tonnenheide, Germany
5. Sophie Schmalgemeier REHLING last known address Kleinendorf, Germany
6. Marie Schmalgemeier BORCHERDING b. 3 Jan 1904 d. 9 Aug 1967. I know that
she married a Friedrich-Wilhelm Borcherding (1905-1975) and they had one son
Heinrich-Wilhelm BORCHERDING (11 Apr 1929-25 Aug 1982). Heinrich and his
wife Helene (1931-1985) had one daughter. I do not know her name or married
name. They lived in Wehe-Barnhden and Rahden, Germany
7. Karoline Schmalgemeier BUSCHMANN. She also lived in the 1960's in Rahden,

Any help finding living relatives with names, possible e-mail or phone
numbers, addresses would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Phil Goldfarb, Tulsa, Oklahoma, pgoldfarb@...

MODERATOR NOTE: German telephone directories are searchable on line.

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