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Reuven Stern

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Use it to search all GerSIG messages posted since 1998. The archives
include many references to the Hessen Cemetery website which went on line
circa 2007. Some of these messages include user guides and tips.

from the link below, you can be taken to the sub-site for each included
Jewish cemetery in Hessen by entering the name of the cemetery location
in the search box and clicking " Einfache Suche " [ simple search ].

Dear Fellow GerSIGers,
I have been following the messages in this SIG for some time
and found the data flow quite interesting and useful.
This is my first post. A friend gave me this link to
Landesgeschichtliches informations sysyem (LAGIS) Hessen
I found this resource very useful in particular the section titled

Juedisch Grabstaetten (Jewish Cemeteries [in Hessen])

Here you can find photos of all Jewish gravestones in the land of Hessen.
Most gravestones are transcribed and the Hebrew text translated
into German. The cemetery and the location for each gravestone is mentioned.
Some of the entries also have a brief biography and
cross reference to other persons who's gravestones are in this database.

I found the gravestones of several of my ancestors and was able to close
some gaps in my family tree. I have not yet explored other entries in
the database but it seems there is a lot of information there in
a relatively easy to use interface. There is an "English button"
but only a small part of the text is available in English.

Reuven Stern <restern@...>

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