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Ralph Baer

Please excuse the length of this post. My interest is in finding if anyone
is connected to these people.

Dolz (Tolz, Dorothea, Therese) BAER, a sister of my great-great-grandfather
Lazarus BAER, was born on 2 or 26 July 1796 in Malsch in the present-day
Landkreis (county) of Karlsruhe in Baden-Wuerttemberg. On 29 November 1820
she gave birth to an illegitimate daughter called Sara Carolin on the
original birth record which is at the Catholic Parish Office in Malsch. The
duplicate copy in the Karlsruhe state archives just calls her Sara. That is
available on line.

On 10 January 1832 she married Isaak MUENZESHEIMER (U-umlaut) of Stebbach
(Landkreis Heilbronn, Baden-Wuerttemberg). They had 4 children in Stebbach:
Mila 4 June 1833, Esther 12 August 1835, Kuefe (u-umlaut) 24 January 1837,
and Marx 19 April 1939. All of these Stebbach records are also available at
the Karlsruhe website.

About two weeks ago, I discovered that the entire family immigrated to the
US in 1840.

My deciphering of the listing shows Isacc MUNZEIMER 27, Theresa 36, Maria 7,
Iserder 5, Carl 3, Marx 1, Carolina 18, Fanny 19, all >from Badon [sic].
Fanny was probably a second illegitimate daughter of Dolz (Theresa). Given
those ages, she could not have been Isaac's daughter. If I assume that Fanny
was indeed older than Caroline she was born in a gap in the records which
are on line. I have written to Malsch to see if she is recorded there. I can
see the scribe having interpreted the spoken Esther as Iserder (Isidor).

In the US the family used the name MINZESHEIMER, misspelled all sorts of
ways, and some descendants changed it to MINTON.

Mila/Maria became Amelia MINZESHEIMER and married Ascher Moses FRANK of
Jebenhausen. There are two entries in the FTJP which have conflated him with
his cousin Ascher Isaac FRANK. I wrote to one and have not received a reply.
Among their descendants are the ZECKENDORF real estate developers. She lived
in NYC and died on 26 March 1893.

I have not locate Esther.

Kufe/Carl became Charles MINZESHEIMER. He married Henrietta COBLENZER and
lived in NYC. He died on 1 April 1916.

Marx apparently became Morris MINZESHEIMER and married Mathilda SPEIER. He
lived in NYC and died on 13 October 1879.

Sara/Carolina became Caroline MINZESHEIMER. She married David HAMBURG in
lived in NYC. I have not located her death record.

Fanny apparently married Jacob MUHLHAUSER. She lived in NYC and apparently
died on 15 April 1872.

Theresa (16 December 1875) and Isaac (27 June 1880) and some of their
children are buried in Salem Fields cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. This is
Theresa's gravestone:
&GScid=66220&GRid=133685467& Even blowing up the image, it appears that not
much more than her name is still legible.

As I wrote at the beginning, I am interested in corresponding with anyone
who is connected to these people in order to exchange data. I have no known
interest in other MUENZESHEIMERs >from Stebbach or elsewhere.

Ralph N. Baer Washington, DC RalphNBaer@...

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