German SIG #Germany re: Research help in Aub and other towns in Lower Franconia #germany

Andreas Schwab

Jewish BMD records of Jewish Communities in Lower Franconia >from 1813 to
1875 have mostly been preserved as printouts of Gatermann files. They
are kept at the Bavarian State Archives in Wuerzburg.
Inquiries should be directed to:
Always include a postal address because material is often sent may air
Records after 1875 (Jewish or not) are kept at the corresponding city or
town archives. Records younger than 110 years (birth), 80 years
(marriage) and 30 years (death) are kept by the civil registration
offices (Standesamt) and can be released only to direct descendants. For
Aub, inquiries (for archives and Standesamt) should be sent to
info@.... Consult the web pages of other municipal
administrations for contact addresses.
BMD records for the city of Wuerzburg have been destroyed in WWII, but
residents registration records have survived. Send enquiries to

Andreas Schwab, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada andreas.j.schwab@...

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