German SIG #Germany JewishGen Education Offers "Writing Short Reports" November 3-27 #germany

Nancy Holden

New Class >from JewishGen Education

JewishGen once again offers its popular publishing class November
3 - 27. This personal mentoring class will focus on writing short

There comes a time when you want to write up your research. After you
have worked hard to collect your family data why let it sit in a drawer?

Publishing a book requires an attention to detail, editing, footnotes,
bibliography which often discourages us >from publishing at all.
Sometimes we just want to write it out and share it in a short summary.

Want to share with a relative; or compare with another researcher you
find on JGFF or Ancestry or Geni or Facebook? Need to gather and
organize your data to hire a researcher? Want to self-publish a small
coffee table scrapbook or photobook just for fun?

In this class we will help you organize your data, notes and media
files to create 3 short-standardized reports.

This structured class uses a series of lessons and a forum setting
where you will post your work and interact with the instructor who
will make suggestions as you write your rough draft, edit and finalize
each report.

Requirements: You should have enough data collected or knowledge of
your chosen surname to be able to write their family history. You will
choose one family to work on as you build a template that you can use
for other families and persons of interest.

JewishGen classes are taught in a private forum setting that is
password protected. It is open 24/7. The 3 week class starts November
3 – 27. Tuition is $150.

Details on the Education Page: check Requirements & Course Details

If you have further questions, please email
Nancy Holden, Instruction Manager

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