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Juergen Nitsche <junitsche58@...>

I am preparing an article for the magazine of the Museum of the
Industrial Museum in Chemnitz. I am writing about companies of Jewish

I try to reconstruct the life of the entrepreneur Adolph GOLDSCHMIDT. He
was born in 1858 in Sondershausen (Thuringia). Moritz GOLDSCHMIDT was
his father, Henriette GOLDSCHMIDT, n. TRAUBE, his mother.
He had any sisters and brothers: Selmar, Ludwig, Rosalie, Helene and

Since 1897 he was married with Gerda DREWSEN (b. 1876) >from Gentofte

They had three sons:

Otto (b. 1898), Helmut (b. 1901), Erich (b. 1908)

Adolph Goldschmidt went in 1880 to Chemnitz, where he started his career
as procurist in the company Heidenheim, Oppenhem & Co. In 1899 he became
coowner of the company.

Adolph GOLDSCHMIDT died on 24th, december, 1916 in Chemnitz. His widow
Gerda moved in 1919 to Kopenhaven. Before she married Sören Wilhelm HANSEN.

His brother Hermann GOLDSCHMIDT lived till his death in 1939 in Chemnitz.

I am looking for anybody, who knew the family GOLDSCHMIDT or HANSEN or
could help me to get more information about the life of his sons.
Erich GOLDSCHMIDT moved also to Denmark.

All advice and information are very welcome.
Thank you very much in advance!

Juergen Nitsche, Mittweida, Germany -
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Currently researching: GOLDSCHMIDT - Sondershausen, Chemnitz
TRAUBE - Peine, Sondershausen, Chemnitz
DREWSEN - Gentofte, Kopenhaven

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