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Fritz Neubauer

on October 26, 2017, Robert Hutcheon, Saskatoon, Canada
asked about....Friedrich STEINMETZ, his 2nd wife Grete, and his daughter Ruth
STEINMETZ who were all officially deprived of their German nationality by
the Nazi regime, and ended up in Argentina (exact date unknown) where
they died and are buried in Buenos Aires.

Dear Robert,

I cannot answer the questions you actually asked, but I can confirm the
data about the revocation of German nationality >from the printed book
Expatriation Lists as Published in the "Reichsanzeiger" 1933-45, ed. by
Michael Hepp. Published in Munich by Saur Publishers in 1985.

On List 67 page 76), published on 09-Sep-1938, it says under

No. 47, Steinmetz, Friedrich, born 10-Apr-1891 in Breslau.

Among the family members it says:

No. 98, page 77): Grete Steinmetz, maiden name Berisch, born 17-Oct-1905
in Breslau and
No. 99, page 77): Ruth Steinmetz, born 17-Oct-1905 in Breslau.

In order to allow the expatriation according to the law of the time,
they must have been living outside of Germany and it must have come to
the attention of the German authorities that they were involved in
actions directed against Nazi-Germany.

I hope that helps,

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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