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C. Fernandez <cemfernandez@...>


I am not sure if I had sent an introduction earlier.

My name is Carmen Fernandez, born, raised and living in Hamburg,
Germany. Native German speaker and good at reading old German
handwritings. I am a member of the Jewish Genealogical Society of
Hamburg HGJG.

Considering myself advanced in researching German Jewish Genealogy and
with computers, my research is often focused on Altona and Hamburg but
I have links to anywhere else as well.

Since some of my ancestors were Jewish butchers and meat merchants, I
have currently started a project aiming to document all butchers/meat
merchants in Altona and Hamburg, starting with the first names in 1712
(source: Ratsdekret 08 Dec 1712)

You are very welcome to share information with me in case you have
Hamburg and/or Altona butchers >from any time, thank you very much.

Kindest, Carmen Fernandez, Hamburg, Germany

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