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Fritz Neubauer

Dear Sue,

try this link:

There are a few SCHMOLINSKIs listed there with birthdates, and it
provides access to the original publication. Perhaps your relative is
among them? Hope that helps,

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

On 05.11.2017, Sue Coleman, Harrow, UK
My great-grandmother's maiden name was SCHMOLINSKI. She and her two
older sisters arrived in the UK a around 1898. I do not know where the
family came from. > Family lore has it that there was a brother,
Charlie [SCHMOLINSKI], > who stopped off to visit his sisters in
Liverpool en route to fight in WW1
Using I have found a soldier named Karl SCHMOLINSKI,
Seesoldat died 1917. > My problem is I don't know what to do next.
The website does not show > his date or place of birth, though I have
written to them asking if this information is available.
I have checked Ancestry and Family Tree Search but with no luck.
Can anyone suggest other sources I could check to find out more about
this soldier before the war?

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