German SIG #Germany Re: [Possibly Jewish records found in] Baden Lutheran Kirchenbuecher? #germany


Do not be alarmed by the church book reference. You can go directly
to the Baden-Wuerttenberg archives at the following site:

This site is organized by regions and cities, and the books/volumes
are a compilation of Katholisches (Catholic), Evangelische (Luthern),
Reformierte (Reformed/Calvinist), and ISRAELITEN (JEWISH) records
organized by year.

It takes a bit of digging, but you may find the information for which
you are looking under the Israeliten sections.

I have had good luck with these records getting back to the early 1800's.

Marc FRIEDMAN, Irvine, CA

Researching APFEL, LAUMAN, and PFIEFER in Baden; KAHN and
LAUMAN/LEHMAN in Hesse-Darmstadt; MAYER in Rheinpfalz

Hanna Grossman, Arlington, Virginia wrote:
Does anyone have any knowledge of this source and why Jews would be
listed in it? Or any suggestions for dealing with this issue?

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