German SIG #Germany Name adoption/change conventions during Napoleonic occupation of the Rhineland #germany

Michael Rubin

I am seeking input on naming practices during the Napoleonic-ordered
name adoption wave of 1808 in communities west of the Rhine.
In Hessen and elsewhere, it's my experience that only formal last names
were taken to replace patronymics. During the Napoleonic name-adoption,
however, I see evidence of wholesale name changes including first name
and adoption of formal new last/family name, such as Isaac Feist becoming
Elias STERN. I am interested in the experience of others with family
originating in this region.

Michael Rubin, Boston

Moderator note: Like all questions about German Jewish surnames,
a detailed answer can be found in the 125 page Introduction * to
"A Dictionary of German Jewish Surnames" by Obermayer Award winner
Lars Menk. Avotaynu Press, 2005
ISBN-10: 1886223203 ISBN-13: 978-1886223202
* The introduction includes a 20 page bibliography. Mod 1

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