German SIG #Germany Stuttgart Main Railroad Station: 1948 #germany

Alex Magocsi

Early in 1948, a group of "children" >from the Aglasterhausen Displaced
Children's Home traveled to Flandern Kaserne in Stuttgart in preparation
for their voyage to & resettlement in, Canada.
(Note: Flandern Kaserne became the US Army's Robinson Barracks)
They next traveled by train >from Stuttgart to Bremerhaven.

I assume the children departed Stuttgart >from the Main Station.
Was the Stuttgarter Hauptbahnhof / Main Station operational
at that point? It was reportedly heavily damaged.
Or did the children depart >from an alternate US Military station?
If so, which one?

Perhaps someone can answer my questions or point me to
an applicable web site.

Thank you, Alex Magocsi awmjr@...

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