German SIG #Germany Viewmate: Have you seen a kiddush cup like this one? #germany

Rachel Unkefer <rachelunkefer@...>

We recently found a kiddush cup that is of unknown date and provenance,
except that it is engraved with the letter "D", which matches the family
surname. This family was >from Maroldsweisach, Bavaria (upper Franconia)
from at least the mid-18th century until the mid-19th century. They
emigrated to the US in about 1859, to Mobile, Alabama, then to Memphis,
Tennessee, and then Cincinnati, Ohio.

The kiddush cup has an unusual engraving style. There is a star of David
on the side in very squiggly lines and then several other decorations
around the periphery in the same squiggly lines. Was this a German style
or a 19th-century American style?

The cup itself is small (about 3 inches high and less than 2 inches
across the top opening). The only marking is on the base and is worn,
but appears to be "STERLING," which makes me think more likely American
than German.

If you've seen this kind of cup with this kind of decoration, please let
me know the context and any thoughts about where and when it might have
been made/purchased. There are 5 photos on viewmate:

Thanks for any help! Rachel Unkefer Central Virginia, USA

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