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Peter Straus


I am asking whether any members of our community can assist with locating
either of the following:

1. Stephan Friedrich published an article titled "Theobald Lion und
seiner Familie in Spiesen," in Lebenswege juedischer Mitbuerger (Life paths
of Jewish citizens, but substitute u-umlaut for "ue" in searches), pages
11-20, I believe published by Landkreis Neunkirchen, Ottweiler, 2009. Does
anyone have access to a copy? As near as I can tell >from an online search,
it is not in the collection of the Leo Baeck Institute.

2. Does anyone have access to a source document that verifies the
relationship of Theobald to his generally presumed daughter Caroline (aka
Gluecke)? This relationship appears in many online trees (including the
FTJP), but as near as I can tell, never with a source document. Basics on
the relevant individuals are:

Theobald LION, originally Theobald "Desiele" David, b. 24 Feb 1792 in St.
Ingbert, m. 28 Jul 1813 to Helene MEYER in Neunkirchen, d. 11 Dec 1869
(1888?) in Spiesen.

Helene "Leye" Magdalena MEYER, b. 1796 in Neunkirchen, d. 15 Dec 1895 in

Caroline Gluecke LION, b. 14 or 15 May 1823 in Spiesen, m. 8 Jul 1845 to
Moses WEIL in Neunkirchen, d. 20 Oct 1904 in Merzig. (Her name seems to
appear simply as Gluecke in both an 1823-1832 birth summary register from
Neunkirchen (transcribed incorrectly by Ancestry as Glaeche, and without
specification of parentage), and an 1843-1852 marriage summary, also from

I have not contacted the records office in Neunkirchen, in part as Ancestry
appears to have mined the Neunkirchen records extensively, but without
documenting the detailed records of "Gluecke" Lion's birth or marriage,
other than the two documents cited above. (For that matter, how "Gluecke"
became "Caroline," assuming they are one and the same, is another mystery.)

I am seeking to do due diligence here before accepting as fact some tempting
linkages between trees. The suggestions and assistance of readers would be
appreciated. Thank you.

Peter Straus, San Francisco pstrausSF@...

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