German SIG #Germany Seeking excerpt from Pascal Faustini's La communaute juive de Metz et ses familles #germany

Michael Moritz

Hello, I recently learned that an ancestor of mine, Dina KRUMBACH of
Frankfurt, wife of Isaac Suesskind STERN, according to the great
Frankfurt history Ele Toldot, was the daughter of Mayer Krumbach
SCHWAB of Metz.

I have found online that Pascal Faustini wrote a massive volume on the
Jews of Metz dating >from 1565-1700, but sadly that he passed away. I
am seeking a copy of the excerpts Chapters 59
(Schwab/Schwaube/Grumbach) and Chapter 78 (Zay/Zey/See).

Please let me know if you can assist.

Many thanks, Michael Moritz, New York, USA michael.d.moritz@...

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