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Bonnie Birns

Dear Genners,

In anticipation of the 2019 IAJGS conference in Cleveland, Ohio, I would
like to solve a question about my husband's 3rd great-grandfather Henry
THORMAN. I am posting in both the General list and GerSig for archival

Research Questions:
1. To prove or disprove a connection to Simpson THORMAN, the first Jew
of Cleveland.
2. Secondary Question: To find ancestral town in Germany and names of
parents of Henry THORMAN.

Known facts:
1. Arrived in America: 22-May-1847, age 28; Meta >from Bremen, Germany to
New York, NY
2. Settled in Easton, Pennsylvania. Member of Easton synagogue, Congregation
Brith Sholom (Covenant of Peace), beginning 1851, Trustee of synagogue
1852, 1855, 1859 (Source: Consider the Years: the story of the Jewish
Community of Easton)
3. Marriage to Esther MEYER sometime between arrival and birth of first
child (1847-1850)
4. 1860 census, Easton, PA; Henry DORMAN, age 36; pedlar; born Hanover;
with wife Esther; 3 sons
5. By 1865, living in Manhattan, New York;
6. 1870 census, New York, NY; Henry THORMAN, age 52; peddler; born Bavaria;
with wife Esther; 6 children;
7. Death: 19-Mar-1872; New York, New York; death certificate #110890; no
information about parents. Birthplace: Germany. Parents birthplace: Germany;
8. Buried: Union Field, Ridgewood, Queens, NY. Headstone just has name, date
and age 56. Not with any family. Wife Esther buried in Mt. Hope, Brooklyn,
, NY.
9. Families THORMANN were living in Altenmuhr / Muhr am See near Gunzenhausen
(since before 1800), Scheinfeld near Neustadt a.d. Aisch (since before 1800)
and Unsleben near Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale (since 1811). (Source:
Dictionary of Jewish Families >from Germany, Lars Menk)

Children of Henry and Esther THORMAN:
1. Henry Thorman 1850 - 1921
2. Jacob H Thorman 1854 - 1930
3. Abraham Loeb Thorman 1857- 1930
4. Tillie Thorman Schramm 1861 - 1924
5. Philip Thorman 1865 - 1947
6. Cyrus Seligman Thorman 1868 - 1950

Simpson (Simson) THORMAN facts:
1. Born Unsleben, Bavaria, Germany; parents Schmuel and Bunla
2. Acknowledged as the first Jew to settle in Cleveland, Ohio by 1837
3. Immigration: Assumed to arrive in America in the late 1820s, before
settling in Cleveland
4. ALSBACHER Party; 19 other Jews >from Unsleben, including siblings
Meyer, Simon and Rose THORMAN and wife Regina KLEIN; 12-Jul-1839;
Howard >from Hamburg, Germany to New York, NY

Children of Schmuel and Bunla THORMANN
1. Meyer Thorman 1808-1876
2. Simila Simon Thorman 1809 - 1890
3. Simpson Thorman 1811 - 1881
4. Abraham Thorman 1812 (did not immigrate to America)
5. Ramle Rose Thorman 1813 (No record of marriage or death)

ALSBACHER document:  Before leaving for America, Moses ALSBACHER, the leader
of the group, and his wife Yetta were presented with a booklet by the
Jewish community. The booklet begins with a letter dated May 5, 1839
>from Lazarus Kohn, teacher of the Jewish community. The booklet includes
a prayer and ends with a list of 233 fellow Unslebeners - probably all
the Jews in this town of about 1,000 inhabitants. Source:

There are no other THORMANs on this list of 233 Jews remaining in Unsleben.

Follow up questions:
1. Why did Henry go to Easton, PA instead of Cleveland, OH?
2. What other documents could I find to show parents and town of Henry?
ie. Marriage record in Easton, PA?
3. Could Henry be from Altenmuhr or Scheinfeld instead of Unsleben?
What documents exist that could prove/disprove this? (I have searched
JewishGen Germany database). Thank you for your interest,

Bonnie Birns, President, JGSLI, Long Island, NY bbirns@...

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