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Hess, Jonathan M <JMHESS@...>

In the GERSIG Digest for Tuesday, March 27, 2018, Joelle Meyer in Paris wrote: Seeking the STETTEN and STUTTGARTER
families >from Fuerth. ===============>

I'm descended >from Josua Moses FALKENAU and Hanna STETTEN and also have
been on the lookout for connections to other STETTEN family members
>from Fuerth. I have a handwritten note >from my grandmother indicating
that Dr. DeWitt STETTEN was a cousin of hers, but I've not be able to
trace the exact connection between this branch of the STETTEN family
and my grandmother's family. It's my guess that David STETTEN may
be Hanna's brother, as he named his son Joseph, which was the name
of Hanna's father, Josef STETTEN, who was Gemeindevorsteher in Fuerth.

I've put most of the information I have on the FALKENAU clan up on geni.

Best of luck figuring this out.

Jonathan M. Hess, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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