German SIG #Germany Seeking Rabbi Yehuda Leib MARGOLIS - Frankfort an der Oder, Germany: 1755-1770 #germany

Heshel Teitelbaum

Dear GerSIGers:

We are looking for civil registration records or Jewish communal
records >from Frankfort an der Oder, [Frankfurt] Germany >from 1755 to 1770.

Can someone tell us if such records exist and, if so, where they
can be accessed?

In particular, we are looking for information on Rabbi Yehuda Leib
MARGOLIS and his children. The family seems to have subsequently
moved to Jozefow in Poland. The one likely child of Yehuda Leib who
interests us most is a daughter who married a certain Yisroel / Israel
ben Yakov Kopel. Thank you

Heshel Teitelbaum Heshel.Teitelbaum@... Ottawa, Canada

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