German SIG #Germany Re: INTRO - Researching the MAYER family Ingelheim in Germany, Also the KAPP family from Hechtsheim, Germany #germany

Fritz Neubauer

Dear Keith,

In YIVO in New York City, [15 West 16th Street -]
they have a few 100 original application forms for for German ID Cards,
mainly >from the Mainz/Hesse area, usually with photographs and finger prints.

There is one for
Johanna MAYER  nee KAPP if she is born 23-Nov-1880
and one for David KAPP, born 25-Nov-1888.

Let me know whether the data applies, until then

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

Am 19.05.2018 Keith Edouard Mayer wrote:
........ My primary research goals now are to find out:

the names of my great great grandparents who were living in Ingelheim
during the 19th century and early 20th century, i.e Heinrich and
Katchen's parents and siblings.
The family names and towns that I am researching are:
Heinrich MAYER 1840-1916 who owned a kosher butcher's in INGELHEIM
Katchen MAYER nee KOPPEL - 1845-1893 (Heinrich's wife).
My Grandfather, Alfred MAYER was born in Ingelheim in 1872, and died in Lon-
don in 1935, he left Ingelheim in the late nineteenth century for London,
he had 2 brothers and one sister, his 2 brothers were Hugo and Eugen, his
sister Helene. Hugo was born in 1873, died in Ingelheim in 1914, he took over
his father's butcher's shop. When he died his wife Johanna MAYER nee KAPP
took over the running of the shop. In 1942 she was transported to Treblinka
where she died along with her brother David KAPP (he came >from Hechtsheim).
Eugen my great uncle came to London with my grandfather Alfred. He was born
in 1881 and died in 1960. Helene was born in 1878 and died in London in 1946.

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