German SIG #Germany Re: name adoption list in Groningen [and Jewish genealogy research in the Netherlands] #germany

Steve Jaron

Hi Joelle,

Unfortuantely there is not a JewishGen related SIG for us Dutch researchers.

There is a genealogical organization based out of the Netherlands -
They have a newsletter that is in Dutch but that is about it.

Most discussions I have seen take place on Geni and on the following
Facebook groups -
Dutch -
General -
General -

On top of the sites Gerhard mentioned you should also check out which offers geographically based databases as well as
faily tree databases.

They have a Groningen database linked on their main page.
It also looks like your best start would be to look at their Northern
Provinces Databases.

Do you have other related names to look at since Levie, Jacob, and
Meyer/Meijer are very common?


Joelle Alice Meyer wrote:

I did not find a Dutch Regional Special Interest Groups and thus am using
the German one.
I am looking for my ancestor >from the city of Groningen born in 1804 or 1805
named Levie Jacob Meyer/Meijer who then went to Emden in Germany with his
family probably after 1820.
His Hebrew name is Yehuda.
Until now I had no success to find him, but I am continuing my researches. I
Does anyone know where to find the name adoption lists of Groningen ?
If anyone otherwise has any idea on how to organize better my research I
would be grateful for any advice.

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